Feature Dog Berczy


Age 3 Years Old
 Sex Male
 Breed Mastiff mix
Weight 86 lbs
Cats? Prefers calm cats please
Dogs? Gets along well with proper intros
Kids? Gets along well
Vet Details Neutered, Microchipped & Vaccinated
Need to know … Exposed to Lyme disease, stage 4 hip dysplasia and spur on right hip

This week I have high hopes that someone will be interested in adopting me! Did you know I haven’t had any applications out in for me? What scares people? My hips? Needing proper introductions to other dogs? My size? Why don’t I tell you all about me and then you can help find me the best home ever because I know they’re out there!!!

My name is Berczy and I was named after a provincial park in Ontario! I’m a 3 year old male mastiff mix! I’m already vaccinated and microchipped for you! I’ve also been neutered so you’re all good for the year when it comes to vetting! There are two health issues you should be aware of but it shouldn’t scare you.
1. I have bad hips! The vet said it’s called stage 4 hip dysphasia. At this time you wouldn’t even notice! I do stairs with no issues and run around the yard too! When the vet told me this he stated that surgery shouldn’t be done right now because I showed no pain and doing the surgery could cause me more pain. He also noticed a spur on my right hip. It would be something you want to talk to your vet about. Right now I take a supplement made by Pet Tek and it has glucosamine and chondriton in it! It really helps!
2. I took a test and it showed that I was exposed to Lyme disease at some point in my life! I show no signs of it but again should be discussed with your vet.

Now onto the good stuff:
Dogs- when I first came to my foster home I didn’t particularly like the 2 dogs they had but after a few days I started to do really well with them! Now, me and their male dog have a bro mance going on!!! We play for hours and wrestle! At night I don’t like the side of my crate covered because I like to be able to see him through the crate! So introductions to other dogs takes time.
Cats-I met them once and seemed a little spooked by them.
Crate: amazing in it now! I eat in there and sleep in it too! It took a lot of work to get me crate trained.
Kids: I love them! There are two 8 year old girls at my foster home and I just love them! The best is when they give me belly rubs!
People: love attention, love affection and just love people
House trained: zero issues here! I mastered it a long time ago! I’ve never had an accident!
Leash skills: well….I need more work on this. If there are other dogs out I will pull to go see them. When I get tired though I do slow down.
Swimming: I’ve been told that this is something that I should keep up as it helps my hips!

So, as you can see I am a great guy and could make for a great family dog!

**Important** It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 14 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog.  Thank you!