We can’t emphasize enough that every newly adopted dog remain on-leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 14 days. As most of our rescues were outdoor dogs and strays, keeping them on-leash will help prevent them from running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog.

If you’ve adopted an adult dog, we strongly advise that you pay minimal attention to them in the form of talking and touching for the first few weeks to avoid creating separation anxiety. While it’s a natural instinct for people to do this, separation anxiety will lead dogs to break out of their crate and cause destruction in your home.

Our advice is based on lots of experience. You can avoid a lot of heartbreak by following it.

Thank you!

Adoption Process

1. Fill out an adoption application stating which dog you are interested in (you can fill in more than one name)
2. Make sure to check your junk mail to ensure you entered the correct return email address.
3. All applications will be replied to.  If your application is approved, we will notify you to expect a phone call from one of our home visit volunteers to set up a time for a home check.
4. Once home visit is completed, if approved, we will send an email stating the contractual agreement.
5. If agreed, we continue to adoption.

Please be advised, we want our dogs to get into their forever homes and bond as soon as we find the perfect home. This means we try to complete the adoption as soon as possible. If you are moving or have trips/vacations coming up, please wait to submit your application until you are ready to bring the new dog into your home.

Please be patient.  We are a 100% volunteer run organization, and we all have full-time jobs. Some days are busier than others.  Especially when a litter of puppies go up for adoption.  Please do not send in more than 1 application.  This is very difficult on our adoptions co-coordinator and is just more for them to filter through.

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